FFM is:

  • Personal training in a group setting

> customized training built for you in a group setting. We are known to customize any workout for any individual - we welcome postpartum, post-surgery, rehab injuries.

  • Weekly programs that target each individual FFM and their goals.

> Strengthen core, build lean muscle, reduce body fat, increase cardio endurance and prenatal/postpartum experts.

  • A non-intimidating environment. zero judgment zone.

> Supportive and motivating setting where you can relax and get a good workout in!



Areas of Expertise

FitFabMom Classes

Personal training in a small group setting with exercises tailored to clients' specific needs and abilities. Workouts are programmed week to week to compliment each clients progression.


 Nutritional Advising & Meal Plans

You will learn how to understand food and how it fuels your body through a customized meal plan that works for you. We can help you lead a life of food freedom with successful, easy habits.