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We are…

Fitfabmoms . f3 . fhitkids . yoga .



The name is cute, but the classes encompass strong moms. With these women-only classes, you will find support, encouragement and community in a non-competitive environment.


F3: FuntionalFitFam

Make it a family affair with our F3 strength classes.  Become stronger together, increase your energy for your family, and have a great time enjoying a little friendly competition with your significant other.



Monday - Friday

Fundamental training at its core. Traditional weight lifting with Kettleball/ Dumbbell complexes mixed with high intensity cardio/plyo movements. This is what FFM was built on!


Tues., Thursday, & Saturday

Specifically programmed to compliment FFMs Strength workouts, FHITCON is an efficient cardio workout to burn calories and build cardio endurance.


Sunday & Wednesday

Kids need to move and they need to move functionally. Not sport specific. Not based on speed/agility. Just good ‘ole fashion “kids in the yard movement”. This series will build body awareness, strength, core, and teamwork.